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New Sump Eases EFI Installation

Edelbrock Sump

Edelbrock’s next generation Universal EFI Sump saves time and eases installation 

One of the biggest hurdles when making the swap to electronic fuel injection is modifying the fuel system. EFI requires higher fuel pressure, at least 40 psi, which means you need an electric fuel pump, in many cases a regulator as well as a return line to the fuel pump.

This all adds up to a lot of time and the expense of high pressure lines, fittings and tank modifications. Fortunately, Edlebrock has a solution to ease the process with their Universal EFI Fuel Pump Sump Kit. edelbrock logo

This Sump Kits are designed to provide the necessary high fuel pressure required for EFI applications in vehicles equipped with a low pressure carbureted fuel system. It’s a complete self-contained compact system that can be easily installed under the hood of any vehicle.

The unique design of the Sump is ideal for use with aftermarket EFI systems and late-model engine swaps in vehicles with an existing factory fuel tank and low-pressure fuel system, as found in carbureted vehicles. They eliminate the need for fuel tank modifications or additional return fuel lines that are normally required when upgrading a low-pressure fuel system.

The compact sump has been redesigned into a smaller package allowing for more mounting locations. The vehicle’s mechanical fuel pump feeds the sump to maintain the correct volume of fuel while an internal high pressure pump feeds the fuel to the injectors. The Edelbrock Sump has an adjustable pressure of 35-90 psi as well as a vacuum reference for forced induction systems.

Two kits are available; a 600-hp kit and a 750-hp kit.

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