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The Best New Products from Louisville

New Products

Companies continue to innovate with exciting new products at the NSRA Nationals

Words & Photos: Todd Ryden

Many people may say that street rodding stays the same with the same models and years cars being built, but actually, the hobby is constantly evolving. Manufacturers continue to find a better way, embrace new technology and bring new products to the rodding industry.


Watson’s StreetWorks won the best safety award and new product under a grand with their back up camera.

A lot this technology comes from the OEMs and their advanced technology. Think about overdrive transmissions, CAN-bus technology, back up cameras, and so much more. It’s hot rodders that take that modern technology and present it to the world of hot rodders in ways that it can be adapted and be useful. Not just in parts, but in manufacturing as well.

On Friday night, the National Street Rod Association gathered together to present their winners for the 2017 New Products. The group has a team of judges that took their time to review over 100 new products to determine the winner in five different catetgories. They present awards for products that retail for less than $200, from $200-$1000, $1,000- $5,000 and finally for the big stuff over $5K. They also present an award for the best new safety product.

Here’s the winners for 2017:

Under $200 – Cooling Components, Solid State Fan Controller

Under $1000 – Watson’s StreetWorks, Back Up Camera

Under $5000 – Dakota Digital, ’40 Ford Gauge Package

Over $5000 – Brookville Roadster and Foose, ’32 Phaeton (only 32 are being made!)

Safety Product  Award – Watson’s StreetWorks, Back Up Camera

Congrats to the companies that won, as well as to the teams that continue to evolve with hot rodding and keep the hobby moving forward.