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Become an Instant Collector: Hundreds of Classics Up for Sale on Five Acre Property

Hundreds of classics are up for sale with five acres of land in British Columbia

A unique listing in Tappen, B.C., Canada has caught the eyes of many automotive restorers — and that’s because on this five acre property are over 300 vintage automobiles that stay with the land when sold.

Buying the land will require a high level of interest in restoration, or maybe art? Buying it for the price of $1.45 million with the intention of moving all of the cars off sight would be insane.

The land is zoned for an auto salvage yard, and has a small home, a 900-sq.ft. shop, and 1,200-sq.ft. steel building on the lot with the cars.


Current property owner, Michael Hall, started collecting these cars forty years ago, and has amassed quite the group of cars over the years. In the last few years, he has added about 200 cars to his collection.

The worst part about this deal is that he’s taking some of the best ones from the collection with him — including a 1968 Chevelle SS 396 4-speed, a 1941 Dodge Coupe, and DeLorean.


Buying this property could be a gamble without knowing what condition the cars are in. A lot of them look like there’s no way they run, and some are basically just rust buckets.


The property was up for sale about a year ago for a bit less, but he’s since added 40 cars to the collection. His wife has drawn the line about the property, and he’s got to get rid of the land with all of its automotive occupants.


How do you feel about the property? Is it vintage cars heaven, or rust bucket hell?