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Cruising New Mexico with Goodguys


We caught up with the Goodguys Music City Road Tour for a few miles of desert and mountain driving.

Words & Photos by Todd Ryden

When it comes to road trips, Goodguys has it down. Throughout the season, they have several scheduled cruises to and from a number of their events, that get rodders behind the wheel for a couple days. If you’re looking to cover some serious ground, they also have two longer cruises, the Music City Tour and the Hall of Fame Tour.

Both of these road trips have a limited number of spots and typically cover several days and over a thousand miles. This past weekend the tour took off from Phoenix with their destination set on Nashville to join their show there this weekend. Along the route they take in curious road side attractions, historic towns and stops, as well as getting to see some incredible collections and museums along the way.

We jumped in our friend Dale Golucke’s ’55 Chevy street gasser and tagged along on a section of the tour as they made their way across New Mexico. They had some great looking cars traveling together, everyone had a smile and a wave as you passed, and we they left us wanting to keep on driving with them. To check out more of the Music City Road Tour, jump over to their daily updates.