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Paper or Digital?


It’s a common question these days – do you want that in paper or digital? We get the option from our banks, utility bills, schools and on. If you used to get something in an envelope by way of the postal service, chances are you have the option these days to receive it through email.

Bills and boring necessities are one thing, but how do you want to receive your street rod news? Do you want to flip physical pages or do you prefer to swipe a screen? (Remember, tablets don’t work well with greasy fingers.) There’s no right or wrong way, just different preferences.

If you work in the newsprint, magazine or nearly any media outlet, this is a common discussion these days and quite a challenge for many businesses. Newspapers all over have dropped down in size as well as the number of days they actually print a paper or offer home delivery. In fact, my local paper just announced that it was going to cut the daily sections from four to only two, with the Sunday paper being an exception (which I was pleased to learn).

I’m stuck in the middle of this conflict as I grew up with the habits of boomers yet am surrounded by the modern tech that keeps the heads of millennials cocked down at the screen of their phone.  When was the last time you heard anything about Gen X-ers?  We’re old news, forgotten for the most part.

I’m a bit old school in that I still like to get up on Sunday, brew a pot of coffee and flip through the obtuse newsprint starting with the funnies, at least what’s left of them. I still even pass through the classifieds for cars and parts, but those finds are pretty much a thing of the past.

As for reading about hot rods and other hobbies, I still enjoy holding a printed magazine for a number of reasons. For starters, it’s nice not to look at a screen since I’m poised in front of a monitor most days. It’s nice to be able to take a magazine anywhere. It’s nice not to worry about if it’s charged, dropped or left somewhere. Plus, there are no ads popping up, loading slowly or distractions to go to another magazine. I turn the page when I want to. It’s more relaxing and enjoyable.

It’s rare that I go to a street rod website and read complete articles. I’ll follow a Facebook link or search out a subject and peruse and glance around, but I’m not typically engaged 100% in the story. Chalk it up to too many other distractions on the screen or go ahead and say it, maybe I’m just old…fashioned.

Sharing fun pics, news items and projects in just one more way to connect with enthusiasts and the crew at SRL are always making new posts social media outlets.

Sharing fun pics, news items and projects is just one more way to connect with enthusiasts. The SRL crew is always making new posts on different social media outlets.

That being said, there are benefits to this entire media-on-demand age. Event coverage, from races to road tours and shows, is ideal to review electronically. Being able to follow updates from shops, builders and manufacturers is fun and you get to see a lot more behind the scenes or build progress shots. The volume of technical details and help you can get from forum fraternities out there can be a huge help when you’re working in the garage.

There’s just no right nor wrong way to get your hot rod news and views. In fact, it’s a combination of everything media from a Tweet about an upcoming show to a gallery of the cars posted on a website, and on to a feature in print on one of the cars at the event. Which is exactly why is available 24/7 along with Facebook updates, Instagram pics, YouTube and soon, the spring 2017 issue of Street Rod Life in all of its perfect bound glory.

The important part to remember is to look up from your phone, get out from behind the computer, put the magazine down and get in your street rod to join the fun.

-Todd Ryden