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GALLERY – NSRA Nationals from Louisville

NSRA Louisville 080317123

Thousands of cars and rodders roll into Louisville for the NSRA Nationals

Words & Photos: Todd Ryden

We kicked off the first day of the 2017 NSRA Nationals and it was a hoot! Great crowds, street rods as far as the eye could see, a few really helpful tech seminars, swap meets and loads of cool new parts!

The Street Rod Nationals hosts thousands of cars and a sky-high number of participants and enthusiasts. If you’ve never been, picture over 10,000 street rods pulling into one sprawling fairground. The entire complex is packed with everything you can imagine from classic rods to muscle cars and up through the early ’80s. Some may scoff at the ‘later model’ cars, but come, they’re 30 years old!

We like to see a Grand National, Fox Body or square body truck cruise by or be parked next to a ’40 Ford or a tri-five Chevy. Speaking of square body trucks, there are plenty of them cruising the grounds alongside a lot of sweet C10s. Also noticed quite a few F100s making their way around the grounds.

Greens of all shades are also breaking up the pattern of reds and blacks along with a number of different sky blues. Seems like we can thank water-based paints for a lot of these vibrant new hues! There’s of course a number of LS engine, but it’s great to see some vintage Ford engines, Nailheads, some straight-8s and -6s around as well. In short, you’ll see it all at the NSRA Nationals.

This was just day one – there’s three more to go and we’re in Louisville for the long haul. We’ll have more galleries and updates covering the whole show throughout the weekend. Be sure to check out a few of our videos on Facebook as well.