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Vintage Bling

Dressing our Three-Deuce 327 in ‘60s Trim Words & Photos: Jeff Smith It all started on a whim. A friend gave us a Rochester 2-barrel carb after we found a Rochester 3×2...


Hot Rod Hibernation

Preparing your rod for a winter slumber Words & Photos: Todd Ryden With Thanksgiving just a week away, many rodders are wrapping up their cruising season (or already have).  This...

American Powertrain

Fluid Movement

The ease and benefits of running a hydraulic clutch By: Todd Ryden It’s always fun to run through the gears on your hot rod, which is exactly how it should be. Dumping the clutch...

Shift Points

Pinpoint Shift Points

Dialing in the governor for precise shift points on a GM automatic trans Story and Photos: Jeff Smith The whole point of having an automatic transmission is that your trans should...